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CODEBREAKERS free daily comic

June 6, 2016 Kona-clip2

Our next exciting free comic starts today! Hyper-Action: Codebreakers #1 is written by Josh Dahl (Rapid City), with art by Jason Howard (Trees, Super Dinosaur) and colors by Teo Gonzalez. This special story features two highly skilled mercenaries going head-to-head in a guns-blazing battle. In the 22nd century, corporate-states and individual republics rule over most of the former American Southwest. Mercenaries and bounty hunters police the ungoverned areas known as Drylands and Marketplaces. […]

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THE RESISTANTS: FULCRUM free comic complete


    Our latest free comic is now available to read in it’s entirety for a limited time. Check out THE RESISTANTS: Fulcrum comic  here plus more free comics available now. by K.J. Kaminski, Ben Herrera, Livesay & Teo Gonzalez Before his time with THE RESISTANTS, Fulcrum made his way on this world as a bounty hunter. He took a pledge to take down his fellow Axairians who have lost their way. He’s tracked down the worst […]

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    In an oppressive corporate-ruled future, a small band of alien refugees and human freedom fighters struggle to put the power back in the hands of the people. The year is 2121 and the alien refugee, Interval, leads the rebel strike team known as The Resistants. Continue …

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    High action science fiction comics at break neck speed.

    See more of the world The Resistants inhabit and the characters that cross their paths in this full color quarterly anthology series. There’s never a dull moment as each issue includes three stories of fantastic feats. Continue …

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