Motor City Comic-Con Recap

We had a great time at the Motor City Comic Con in Novi, MI this past May. I had the honor of sharing a table with my friend and collaborator, Josh Dahl. We got to share our love for comics with a lot of people. Josh hosted a panel on writing comics. Josh sold a ton of copies of his book Rapid City: Below Zero that he writes and I letter. I moved a bunch of THE RESISTANTS/ HYPER-ACTION preview. My THE RESISTANTS co-creator Jason Krause stopped by and did a jam piece with his daughter. It was especially special for us being from the Detroit area. We found our love for comics in this area and premiered our first foray into comics self-publishing over twenty years ago at Motor City Comic con. We got to see a lot of old friends and make some new ones. Can’t wait to come back next year to this awesome convention, with new books and stories to share.

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