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HYPER-ACTION - high-action sci-fi comics at breakneck speeds.

In the 22nd century, corporate-states and individual republics rule over most of the former American Southwest. Mercenaries and Bounty Hunters police the ungoverned areas known as Drylands and Marketplaces. Action is behind every corner in the struggle to navigate this dangerous hyper-world.

HYPER-ACTION is an anthology series starring the individual members of THE RESISTANTS and the Hunters and Mercs that inhabit their world.  These shorter (mostly one-and-done) stories explore the players in this universe on a personal level, while tying in to the greater encompassing narrative told in our flagship title, THE RESISTANTS. Each issue offers fantastic tales starring Fulcrum, Melee, and Kestrel from THE RESISTANTS and introducing the Hunters and Mercs; Kona, Chun and Polyzena.

How to find HYPER-ACTION can depend on what format you are reading it in. Whether it’s digital or print, HYPER-ACTION still stands for high-action sci-fi comics at break-neck speed.


In the Drylands, survival trumps any moral codes you may try to hold.

For greater digital accessibility you will find multiple HYPER-ACTION series available online. This is a way of encouraging you to sample a single story (ala carte style) for one low price. Look for HYPER-ACTION: THE RESISTANTS, HYPER-ACTION: Codebreakers and HYPER-ACTION: Polyzena featuring stories about the individual members of THE RESISTANTS and the mercenaries and bounty hunters that inhabit their world. We really hope you’ll enjoy each of these tales enough read on their own to check out all the great HYPER-ACTION stories available.

In print, HYPER-ACTION is a double-feature flip-book comic series, collecting the digital-first stories and more. One side stars the individual members of the strike team THE RESISTANTS. On the flip-side are tales of the  Mercs and Hunters that share the world of THE RESISTANTS. That’s two explosive action-packed stories in each comic, for one low price.  Each full-sized print issue comes packed with exclusive pin-ups and sourcebook files about the characters.

HYPER-ACTION #1 is now in-stock at our shop and available digitally on Comixology.com.

HYPER-ACTION is a high-action sci-fi anthology comic series featuring the individual members of THE RESISTANTS and the Bounty Hunters and Mercenaries that inhabit their world. Available now in Print and digitally.