By K.J. Kaminski, Jason Johnson & Hi-Fi Studios

Product Description

THE RESISTANTS explode into action in this specially priced introductory issue. As resources dwindle, desperate times call for desperate actions. Interval, Adam and Fulcrum attempt a daring heist of an armored vehicle containing precious supplies. When the plan goes too smoothly, they realize they are playing into the Takeo Corporate-State plans to frame them. THE RESISTANTS are forced to leave the mission empty-handed, wondering what is in store next from the Takeo Corporate-State.

This specially priced introductory issue features a short story plus sourcebook pages and pin-ups, with art by Jason Johnson (Gen 13, Robin, Spectrum) & colors by Hi-Fi Studios (Green Arrow, Harley Quinn). The print version includes an additional short story starring Kestrel plus more exclusives.

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  • Published: November 25, 2016

  • Writer: K.J. Kaminski

  • Penciller: Jason Johnson

  • Cover Artist: Jason Johnson

  • Format: 28 pages, Full Color

  • Price: 2.99

  • UPC: N/A

  • FOC Date: October, 25, 2016