THE BROADCAST OFFENSIVE #2 – Retailer pack (6 copies)

by K.J. Kaminski, Jason Johnson & Ross A. Campbell

Product Description

This special retailer bundle pack includes 6 copies of THE RESISTANTS: The Broadcast Offensive #2.

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Grim attempts to defend the Marketplace against Scrapper and a Merc Pac trying to collect bounties on THE RESISTANTS. Interval, Fulcrum, Melee and Kestrel, arrive just in time to help fight the mercenary pack away. The residents of The Drylands question the benefits of THE RESISTANTS actions and presence. As THE RESISTANTS attempt to show the people of the Takeo Corporate-State the truth about its leaders, they are labeled as Takeo’s most wanted.

The second issue of a three issue limited series with artwork by Jason Johnson (Gen 13, Robin, Spectrum) & colors by Ross A. Campbell (Pathfinder, Wayward). The print version includes exclusive pin-ups and bonus material.

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  • Published: February 18, 2017

  • Writer: K.J. Kaminski

  • Penciller: Jason Johnson

  • Cover Artist: Jason Johnson

  • Format: 32 pages, Full Color

  • Price: 19.99

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  • FOC Date: N/A