Welcome to the New BigBlueComics.com!

Welcome to the all new redesigned Big Blue Comics.com. Here you’ll be able to learn about the characters and comics we are putting out as well as purchase the print books and other great Big Blue stuff.

Please take some time to look around and delve into the back stories of the stars of THE RESISTANT and HYPER-ACTION. You can read in depth profiles about the main characters from THE RESISTANTS and their frequent opponents the Industrial Armored Police (I.A.P.). More character profiles will be added regularly to give you more information on the players in the HYPER-ACTION UNIVERSE.

Don’t forget to head over to the shop to check out all our upcoming releases with previews of our print books. THE RESISTANTS: The Broadcast Offensive is available now and our next 5 monthly books are available for pre-order. We’ll also have some great art prints, t-shirts and more available soon.

We hope you like the new BigBlueComics.com and hope you’ll be back to get more regular news and updates on all our projects and characters. It’s a Big Blue World, take a tour.

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