The Resistants on Comixology

THE RESISTANTS #0 is now on Comixology

THE RESISTANTS #0 is now available to purchase through the Comixology digital platform here. Get your copy now, of this specially-priced introductory-issue by K.J. Kaminski, Jason Johnson (Wetworks, Knight Rider) & Hi-Fi Studios (Superman).

This short, fun action-romp gives an entry into the world of THE RESISTANTS for only $1.99. INTERVAL leads ADAM and FULCRUM on a daring armored vehicle heist carrying precious supplies. Hints of a larger conspiracy forces the group to leave with more questions than answers.

This issue leads up the upcoming, THE RESISTANTS: The Broadcast Offensive 3-issue miniseries by K.J. Kaminski, Jason Johnson with colors by Ross A. Campbell. A must have for any THE RESISTANTS fan, you can now add it to your Comixology library here.

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