Posted on Kickstarter is live

Our first Kickstarter is live at now.

We self-funded the first six issues of THE RESISTANTS to show the confidence we had in the books, as well as showing you the reader that we can put out a consistent quality book. But with self-distribution there is a lot of long game planning. So our next issue, a one-shot starring Kestrel, is live on Kickstarter now. This will open up THE RESISTANTS to a whole new audience that we don’t see at the shows as well as some added goodies for those regular con goers to get involved.

Kestrel made her debut in the recent The Resistants: The Broadcast Offensive mini-series. We saw her aid Interval and The Resistants in their struggle to expose the secret criminal alien leadership of the Takeo Corporate State. In the Kestrel One-Shot, we go back a few years to tell the story of Kestrel’s first interaction with Interval and THE RESISTANTS. As an executive weapons designer, Erin Hawthorne, finds her position affords her the ability to help those in need.

See Erin take her first steps as the burgeoning hero Kestrel, while she discovers how best to fight for those that no one else will fight for.

This 28 page full color comic book one-shot is written by K.J Kaminski and features art by Jason Johnson (Gen13, Knight Rider) with colors by Teo Gonzalez (Aspen)  plus a special variant cover by Gus Vazquez (Big Hero Six, Suicide Squad).

With your help and support we can continue to make exciting high-action sic-fi comics.