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New Comics Now Available!

We have two new releases in the Big Blue Comics store.

Our first successfully Kickstarted comic,┬áTHE RESISTANTS’ Kestrel One-Shot, is now in the hands of our backers. If you didn’t get a chance to contribute to the campaign now’s your chance to pick up a copy of this exciting stand-alone story. Read about the first time Erin Hawthorne met THE RESISTANTS and what led to her joining their cause. Written by K.J. Kaminski, with art by Jason Johnson and colors by Teo Gonzalez and Ross A. Campbell. Grab yours now.

Hot on it’s heels is our newest series, fresh off it’s San Diego Comic Con debut, Sophia Saturn. Sophia is a high school senior ready to start her adult life, until her and her friends get sucked through a cosmic wormhole and into the middle of an intergalactic war. She must decide whether to fight to get back to the life she so carefully planned, or embrace this unexpected journey she finds herself in. This teen space adventure is written by K.J. Kaminski with art by Ben Herrera and colors by Ross A. Campbell. The fist issue is available now, grab yours here. Look for the rest of the mini-series through our Kickstarter launching October 9th at