In the 22nd century, corporate-states and individual republics rule over most of the former American Southwest. Mercenaries and bounty hunters police the ungoverned areas known as the Drylands and Marketplaces. Action is behind every corner in the struggle to navigate this dangerous hyper world.

HYPER-ACTION is a double-feature flip-book featuring stories starring the individual members of THE RESISTANTS plus the Bounty Hunters and Criminals that inhabit their world. Each issue includes two stories per issue with a cover on each side by two different artists. These one-and-done tales expand on the backstory of THE RESISTANTS and introduce characters that will take on larger roles in future stories.



A cybernetic armored muscle and gun-for-hire, KONA does the job he is contracted to do. But someone has it out for him and he is wrongly branded a Codebreaker; a Hunter who violates the union’s by-laws and loses their police authority and union protection. Now he’s free game for those Hunters who want to try their luck to bring in a Codebreaker.


An Axairian soldier marooned on earth with INTERVAL. He uses his skills for the highest bidder; not because he does it for the money, but because those kills are the most satisfying for him. He once served alongside FULCRUM but their competing morals have made the two bitter enemies.


Polyzena has the reputation of being one of the most ruthless hunters out there. A cunning leader, she controls her PAC (Police Action Committee) members with a dose of respect and a lot of fear. She goes for the biggest targets out there to bring the most attention to her successes.


One of the more honorable Hunter in the Union, Chun choose his jobs selectively and usually only goes after the most evil and sadistic criminals. But he never misses the chance to go after a Codebreaker when he can.


DARIUS is the tech guy. His drones give him and his PAC an edge that most don’t have.


WARTOY & DAWNE sell their services to the highest bidder and have no moral qualms that prevent them from taking contraversal bounties.