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Includes 10x copies of THE RESISTANTS: The Broadcast Offensive #1 (6x Standard, 4x Variant) & 7 copies of HYPER-ACTION #1. Retailers please inquire about special discounts and shipping.

THE RESISTANTS: The Broadcast Offensive #1

THE RESISTANTS members Interval, Adam and Melee acquire files that expose the Takeo Corporate-State leadership’s sinister manipulations. Trapped behind the border walls, battling the aggressive Takeo Industrial Armored Police (I.A.P.), THE RESISTANTS are unable to do anything with this crucial information. They are forced to take drastic actions and enlist the aid of their Takeo mole, Kestrel, to secure their passage back to The Drylands with the data.

The first issue of the limited series written by K.J. Kaminski (Sophia Saturn) with artwork by Jason Johnson (Gen 13, Spectrum) & colors by Ross A. Campbell (Pathfinder, Wayward). The print version includes exclusive pin-ups and bonus material.


A high-action sci-fi double-feature flip-book anthology series with stories featuring the individual members of THE RESISTANTS and the bounty hunters and mercenaries that inhabit their world.
Story 1 Codebreakers:
Hunters and Mercs have an unwritten code of honor between themselves. When someone breaks that code, they become a target and fair game. When Chun is hired to bring down fellow Hunter Kona, the question becomes; which one is the Codebreaker?
Story 2 Fulcrum:
Before THE RESISTANTS, Fulcrum made his way on this planet as a Hunter. He took a pledge to take down his fellow Axairians who have lost their way. He’s tracked down the worst of the bunch, Scrapper. But, even if he defeats him, can he collect on the bounty?
The first issue of the double-feature flip-book series. HYPER-ACTION #1 contains: Codebreakers #1 written by Josh Dahl (Rapid City: Below Zero) with art by Jason Howard (Trees, Super Dinosaur). THE RESISTANTS’ Fulcrum #1 written by K.J. Kaminski (THE RESISTANTS) with pencils by Ben Herrera (X-Men), inks by Livesay (Hawkman, Dr. Strange) & colors by Teo Gonzalez (Aspen). Also included are exclusive pin-ups and bonus material.

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