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Includes 12 comic books: 6x copies of THE RESISTANTS: The Broadcast Offensive #3, 1x copy of THE RESISTANTS: The Broadcast Offensive #3 Limited Convention Variant, & 5x copies of HYPER-ACTION #2. Retailers please inquire about your unique code for promotional materials, special discounts, and reduced shipping costs.

THE RESISTANTS: The Broadcast Offensive #3 – $4.99 MSRP 36 pages

Story: In the conclusion to the first THE RESISTANTS mini-series, Interval attempts to help Kestrel get the evidence to her people to finally expose Takeo’s crimes. Now without allies and the region’s most hated individuals, Interval and THE RESISTANTS must fight their way out of the Takeo Corporate-State one last time if they hope to survive.

The final issue of a three issue limited series with artwork by Jason Johnson (Gen 13, Robin, Spectrum) & colors by Ross A. Campbell (Pathfinder, Wayward). The print version includes an epilogue by THE RESISTANTS co-creators K.J. Kaminski and Jason Krause, plus exclusive pin-ups and bonus material.


HYPER-ACTION #2 – $3.99 28 pages

The high-action sci-fi anthology series continues with two more tales featuring the individual members of THE RESISTANTS and the bounty hunters and mercenaries that inhabit their world.
Story 1 Polyzena:
When a leader’s abilities are questioned, mercs have to make tough decisions on who to follow. Polyzena’s recent embarrassing encounter with Fulcrum and Grim has hurt her reputation. Can she prove her capability as a leader by surviving through the harsh dangers of the Drylands alone?
Story 2 Melee:
MELEE has always lived a selfish life, but when he found THE RESISTANTS, Interval showed him another way. Regardless of the cause, he feeds on the thrills of the adventure. Could he have reverted to his previous thieving ways, or is their a more altruistic factor to his latest heist?
The second issue of the double-feature flip-book anthology series. HYPER-ACTION #2 contains: Polyzena: “Leader of the Pac” written by K.J. Kaminski, with art by Ben Herrera (X-Men) & colors by Teo Gonzalez (Aspen). Melee: “Easier Said” written by K.J. Kaminski with art by Jason Johnson (Wildcats) & colors by Ross A. Campbell (The Wild Storm). Also included are exclusive pin-ups and bonus material.

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