Polyzena Special Variant Edition #1


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This full-color limited variant edition includes the Polyzena story from HYPER-ACTION #2 plus additional story from HYPER-ACTION #1, bonus material, and an exclusive variant cover with Polyzena logo and cover dress.

Limited print run of 35 copies originally available as a Kickstarter Exclusive with the THE RESISTANTS: The Definitive Guidebook Volume 1 campaign.

When a leader’s abilities are questioned, mercs have to make tough decisions on who to follow. Polyzena’s recent embarrassing encounter with Fulcrum and Grim has hurt her reputation. Can she prove her capability as a leader by surviving through the harsh dangers of the Drylands alone?

This 16-page full-color comic book is written by co-creator K.J. Kaminski (Sophia Saturn) with art by Ben Herrera (X-Men) and colors by Ross A. Campbell (The Wildstorm). Also includes additional story and exclusive bonus material.