Sophia Saturn #1 (3x) Variant Cover Set



Includes 3 variant covers A, B, & C for Sophia Saturn #1 for one low price!

High School graduate Sophia Seaton is about to take her first steps to adult life. Until she and her friends get pulled through a cosmic wormhole and into the middle of an inter-galactic war. Will Sophia fight to return to the life she has carefully calculated or will she embrace what lies ahead in this unexpected journey?

Sophia’s structured world is rocked to the core when she learns that even the best laid plans are destined to be broken in this all-ages coming-of-age story.
Written by K.J. Kaminski (THE RESISTANTS) with art by Ben Herrera (X-Men) & colors by Ross A Campbell (The Wildstorm).

Cover A by Ben Herrera (Superboy) & colors by Ross A Campbell
Cover B by David Williams (Spider-Man) and Ross A. Campbell.
Cover C by Drew E. Johnson (Wonder Woman) and Ross A. Campbell.

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