– THE RESISTANTS: Bounty Hunter Blitz #1


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THE RESISTANTS are an uncompromising strike force of aliens and outlaws, fighting oppression and corruption 100 years in the future!


Six months ago, INTERVAL, manipulated and controlled by the Takeo Corporate-State leadership, executed their CEO in front of the world; ending “The Broadcast Offensive”. THE RESISTANTS, elevated to the region’s most wanted fugitives, sought refuge in the harsh deserts and hidden caves of the northern Drylands. INTERVAL and KESTREL put the fate of the team ahead of their mounting tension, but GRIM, FULCRUM, MELEE, & ADAM are desperate to resolve their fugitive status, as supplies continue to dwindle. INTERVAL & GRIM convene with allies in the VEGAS INDEPENDENT TERRITORY, a hub of the hunters’ trade, to try to clear the group’s ever-growing bounties.

THE RESISTANTS: Bounty Hunter Blitz #1 is a 40 page full-color comic book written by K.J. Kaminski (Sophia Saturn), artwork by Jason Johnson (The Flash, WildCats), interior colors by Emmanuel Ordaz Torres (Heavy Metal, Obey Me), and featuring a cover by Jason Johnson (Gen 13) & Ross A. Campbell (The Wildstorm, Wayward)

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