Sophia Saturn

“Sophia’s grand plan has a wormhole in it.”

Sophia Seaton is a high school senior ready to start her adult life. Until she and her friends,
get sucked through a cosmic wormhole, and into the middle of an intergalactic war. Now Sophia must decide whether to fight to return to the life she so carefully planned, or embrace this unexpected journey she finds herself on. Sophia’s structured world is rocked to the core when she learns that even the best laid plans are destined to be broken in this all-ages coming-of-age story.

This 5-issue cosmic journey is written by K.J. Kaminski (THE RESISTANTS, HYPER-ACTION), beautifully illustrated by artist Ben Herrera (X-Men Adventures, Obey Me) and brilliantly colored by Ross A. Campbell (Wayward, The Wildstorm) to create a fun comic series with an animated style and tone. Issue #1 features variant covers by industry Veterans Drew E. Johnson (Wonder Woman, Godzilla) and David Williams (Spider-Man, Bass Reeves) as well as the limited Kickstarter exclusive Black & White versions that show the artist’s tremendous line work.


Sophia Seaton

Captain of the Lacrosse team and top of her class academically, Sophia has done everything right to lead to her next phase of life, College on Earth. 17-year-old High School senior living a full and balanced life; top of her class and a star lacrosse player. She is popular and well liked by her class mates, but not interested in typical high school drama. Sophia is always busy working on her future, but always makes time for her parents and closest friends. She believes that planning and preparation are essential for a successful life and has enrolled at a university back on earth with the intention of moving there in the fall.


Sophia’s father and head of the mining colony on Titan. A caring and attentive parent that puts his family first. Sophia views Marcus and her mother as both friends and heroes.


Sophia’s life-long best friend. Izzy is goofy and fun, but is also a sincere and attentive friend. Sophia shares all of her deepest secrets and dreams with Izzy.


Izzy and Sophia’s sarcastic buddy. He is an artist who would be a loner, if not for the girls. They sometimes forget he’s a boy and feel comfortable talking about anything around him


Sophia’s boyfriend and captain of the school lacrosse team. His abilities on the field makes him very popular at school. Sophia is more attracted to his sensitive caring side that he hides from everyone else. Brayden plans to stay on Titan, work in the mines and continue with Sophia in a long-distance interplanetary relationship. Sophia has other plans.