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THE RESISTANTS: Bounty Hunter Blitz #1 on Kickstarter September 12th-October 13th!

 I hope you’ll join us for the all-new mini-series starring our guilt-driven soldier and the uncompromising strike force vs an army of hunters; THE RESISTANTS: Bounty Hunter Blitz #1 written by co-creator K.J. Kaminski (Sophia Saturn) with artwork by returning series artist Jason Johnson (Gen 13, Impulse). It’s been 6 months since the events of the first mini-series, THE RESISTANTS: The Broadcast Offensive, made them some of the world’s most wanted criminals. Tension has been high between INTERVAL & KESTREL and the group is getting anxious to resolve their fugitive status. INTERVAL & GRIM travel to the VEGAS INDEPENDENT TERRITORY to enlist the help of allies and try to clear the team’s bounties. When they show their faces in public, their tremendous bounties draw a slew of ruthless Hunters after them, bringing the characters from HYPER-ACTION in to the main series. But INTERVAL’s allies have a morally questionable solution to the problem. “When every bounty hunter in the land is after you, sometimes the only thing to do is find a bigger bounty.”

We are so excited for people to see this latest arc. Jason has been putting in some of his best work and it’s been a blast seeing him draw so many different returning and new characters. THE RESISTANTS: Bounty Hunter Blitz #1, is a culmination of everything that has come before and leads to the future of the team. You can go to the pre-launch page now and click to be notified for the launch on Tuesday, September 12th. Look for more information and updates through our mailing listsocial media, and