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THE RESISTANTS: Bounty Hunter Blitz #2 & #3 Kickstarter Launches April 16th!

Now that all THE RESISTANTS: Bounty Hunter Blitz #1 digital and physical rewards have been sent to the backers who responded. We’re going to do it again next month with issues #2 & #3 at The pre-launch page is up and you can follow to be notified when we go live on April 16th. Jason Johnson & Emmanuel Ordaz Torres return with writer / co-creator KJ Kaminski to tell the continuing adventures of Interval, Kestrel, and the rest of our uncompromising strike force as they battle a mess of hunters, all new threats, and moral quandaries in this action-packed story.

We’re so happy to have been able to share the first chapter of THE RESISTANTS with all of you and can’t wait to show you what’s next. We truly couldn’t make these awesome comics without your help and support and we can’t thank you all enough. If you haven’t received any of the goodies you were expecting, please let us know through Kickstarter.