Interval Variant Edition #1


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This full-color limited variant edition includes the Interval story from HYPER-ACTION #3 plus extra pin-ups, bonus material and an exclusive variant cover with Interval logo and cover dress.

Limited print run of 75 copies originally available as a Kickstarter Exclusive with the HYPER-ACTION #3 campaign.

Before leading THE RESISTANTS, the alien refugee Interval arrived on earth with a narrow skill set and no resources. A special-ops soldier by training, being a bounty hunter seemed like a perfect profession. But a hunter’s life has no room for compassion or empathy. On one of her earliest contracts, Interval’s mercy was put to a test, and she was forced to make a difficult choice. Will Interval compromise her character to get the job done, or will she walk away to take up a whole new kind of fight?

This 16-page full-color comic book is written by co-creator K.J. Kaminski (Kestrel, Sophia Saturn) with art by Drew E. Johnson (Wonder Woman, Godzilla) and colors by Ross A. Campbell (The Wildstorm). Also includes exclusive pin-ups and bonus material.