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San Diego Comic Con 2023

We are still trying to get back to normal after another SDCC in the books. It’s a long week with a lot of talking, selling and celebrating. Met so many new and returning fans and peers and had a great time.We’ll be back and look for announcements for our con schedule in 2024.

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THE RESISTANTS Guidebook Now Available! 

That’s an official wrap on the THE RESISTANTS: The Definitive Guidebook Vol. 1 Kickstarter! All physical and digital rewards from the campaign have now been delivered!  If for some reason you didn’t get yours, please reach out so we can rectify the situation. Thank you for all your support and patience through this trying campaign. I hope you enjoy the book as much as I had making it.

If you missed out on the campaign you can order the new books direct from our website. Along with the Guidebook, we have a few extra copies of the campaign exclusive Polyzena #1 Variant Edition.

Also available is our newest book that was not included in the campaign. THE RESISTANTS: Special Edition #1 Blank Sketch Variant Cover features the trade dress from our G.I. Joe Homage cover series on a blank cover for you, or your favorite artist, to draw on. This is a really fun way to get a one-of-a-kind collectible. We’ll have a few of these with original sketches drawn by Big Blue Comics’ artists available in the next campaign.
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New THE RESISTANTS project and convention appearances in 2022!

Although things have started out a little shaky for 2022, we are moving forward with the hope we will return to some type of normalcy soon enough. I’m booking convention appearances, planning our next Kickstarter, and working on more of THE RESISTANTS story. Regardless of what happens, no one can stop us from making more awesome comics.

If you’ve been following the stories in THE RESISTANTS & HYPER-ACTION, you know we’ve been introducing a lot of Bounty Hunters. After the events of The Broadcast Offensive story-arc, the characters from both books will collide in THE RESISTANTS: The Bounty Hunter Blitz. Before that, we are going to release THE RESISTANTS: Definitive Guidebook, a Who’s Who Official Handbook for the characters of the HYPER-ACTION WORLD. “You can’t follow the game if you don’t know the players.” We’ve been teasing this book for awhile and it’s nice to finally be able to share it.

I wanted to add a few fun and special items with this campaign. So in addition to the Definitive Guidebook, we’ll also have available: a trading card set, an exclusive THE RESISTANTS team T-shirt, and stretch-goal sticker packs! We’ll also have a limited amount of issues signed by multiple creators from the Big Blue Comics Vault. All this and an exclusive Variant Edition of Polyzena #1 from HYPER-ACTION. With all the extras, it feels like I’m wrapping up this first phase of Big Blue Comics with this upcoming campaign. Look for it to launch March 22nd on Kickstarter and a preview page coming next month with more info.

Though our schedule for 2022 is filling in with dates for conventions, it seems like everything should be considered tentative at this point. Two conventions that I had booked this year were already cancelled in January and February. So it’s best to follow us on social media @bigbluecomics on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, for up to the minute details on our convention appearances. In April we plan to return to Planet City Comic Con in Kansas City, MO the 22nd-24th.

Though the focus seems to be on THE RESISTANTS right now, don’t forget about Sophia Saturn and the recent completion of the first story-arc. “Sophia’s grand plan has a wormhole in it!” There are some big things to talk about with Sophia and Big Blue Comics in the future. But for now, you can get all 5-issues of the first mini-series at while supplies last.

We’ve been publishing for the last few years, building towards taking that next step. It’s so great working on new projects and plans that will allow that to happen. I hope you’ll stick with us for this next phase. Big Blue Comics 2.0 is coming soon!

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Recap of Big Blue Comics in 2021 & looking forward to more in 2022!

The holidays are wrapping up and it’s the end of another year. It was a year marked with uncertainty, but a lot of familiarity and some new beginnings for Big Blue Comics. I think all of us are looking forward to a better 2022 and continuing to get closer to some kind of normalcy. We have some really exciting things coming up next year and I hope you’ll come along for the journey.

This year saw the completion of the first story-arc for Sophia Saturn, with issues #4 & #5 released through our Kickstarter campaign and These are also the 12th and 13th releases from Big Blue Comics joining our other series THE RESISTANTS & HYPER-ACTION. I have to admit I thought we’d have more books out by now, but I don’t think anyone could foresee uncontrollable factors like a pandemic. I’m looking forward to so much more coming from us in the near future as we are in production on the next THE RESISTANTS mini-series and more issues of HYPER-ACTION.

After a two year hiatus, I returned to conventions in November with the Grand Rapids Comic Con in Michigan &The San Diego Comic Con Special Edition. It was a different and challenging experience, but it was great to see so many friends, fans, and colleagues after such a long time. I always feel at home at conventions and I’m really excited to get back to them full time next year. I’ll be traveling all over the country in 2022 to conventions and local comic shops bringing our books to you. So far, we are confirmed at the Planet Comic Con in Kansas City in April and Phoenix Fan Fusion in May. Check our calendar at and our social media for information on all of the up-to-date appearances we have scheduled.

There’s a lot going on behind-the-scenes and the future of Big Blue Comics is looking bright. One thing is certain; you can look forward to more high quality action/adventure comics coming soon.

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Big Blue Comics Returns To The San Diego Comic Con For Special Edition This Weekend!

Writer / Publisher K.J. Kaminski and Big Blue Comics returns to San Diego this weekend for Special Edition. We’ll be at the San Diego Comic-Con, November 26th-28th at San Diego Convention Center in downtown San Diego! Come by the Small Press Area to check out all our latest books and talk comics, toys, and pop culture. Don’t miss out!

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This Weekend We Return To In-Person Conventions @ The Grand Rapids Comic Con!

Writer / Publisher K.J. Kaminski and Big Blue Comics finally return to in-person conventions this weekend in Michigan. We’ll be at the Grand Rapids Comic-Con, November 12th-14th at The DeVos Place in downtown Grand Rapids! Come by Artist’s Alley to check out all our latest books and talk comics, toys, and pop culture. Don’t miss out!

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Sophia Saturn #4 & #5 Kickstarter rewards have shipped and the whole series is available at!

All the remaining physical rewards packages from the campaign have now been shipped out and backers should have their books this week. Thank you all so much for making this campaign happen. There’s been so much uncertainty these last two years and it feels great to finally be able to share this story. I’m really proud of the series and the incredible work the whole team has done. I hope we can tell more adventures starring Sophia and her friends in the future.

If you missed out on the latest Sophia Saturn campaign, you can still get issues #4 & #5 while supplies last. All 5 issues and select variant covers are available now on our website at The teen space adventure features artwork by Ben Herrera (X-Men Adventures) & colors by Ross A. Campbell (Wayward) with variant covers by Drew E Johnson (Wonder Woman) & David Williams (Spider-Man). We have very limited copies left of the latest issues, so don’t wait to get your complete set!

You’ll also be able to add-on our special Sophia Saturn T-shirt, exclusive to this campaign. This black T-shirt features a full color graphic by artists Ben Herrera & Ross A. Campbell and is available in Kids, Men’s and Women’s sizes. It can be yours for only $30 + shipping or in a specially priced bundle with the all the Sophia Saturn comics and covers.

Many of our physical rewards packages are limited in this campaign, and we have an early bird incentive featuring all 5 covers to issue #1 signed by artist Ben Herrera & writer K.J. Kaminski. Don’t wait to pledge or you may miss out on this unique opportunity to add these rare comics to your collection.

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Sophia Saturn Digital Rewards have been sent, Physical Rewards are shipping soon!

Sophia Saturn #4 & #5 are finished and I sent them to the printer last week! It will still be a couple weeks before I get the books back, but It still feels amazing to be at this point. I really can’t wait to share the print books and the amazing work from our incredible art team.

But, if you backed the campaign, you don’t have to wait until then to read the exciting conclusion to this first story-arc. All the digital rewards were sent out this week, so watch your inboxes for links to your copies. If you have any problems with the links or files, please let me know. I’m so proud of this series and I hope you enjoy the read as much as we did making the books.

All the Sophia Saturn rewards are coming together. I got the sticker that was our first “stretch goal” and every physical rewards package will get one for free. In addition to the books, the T-shirts are on their way and I’ll have them soon. Once I have everything, I’ll be shipping out all the physical rewards together in a few weeks.

If you missed out on the campaign, don’t fret. There will be a limited number of books available at after all the rewards have been delivered. Watch our social media and here for an announcement.

Thank you all so much for your support and making these issues a reality.
-K.J. Kaminski

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The Fully Funded Sophia Saturn Kickstarter ends tonight, April 30th!

Oh the suspense! I can’t believe today is the last day. The Sophia Saturn Kickstarter ends tonight! It’s been a good campaign and I learned a lot from this one. It’s rewarding to know we’ll be getting these issues out, but bitter sweet the mini-series is at its end. Hopefully we’ll do more and have some announcements for the future soon enough. Thanks for putting up with my constant barrage of posts and emails. Special thanks to those who helped any way they could (backing, sharing, hyping, liking). I hope to see you on the other side of the backer wall. It’s on Kickstarter until April 30th at 11:50 PST. Don’t miss out!

Don’t forget about the special add-ons for this campaign. Kickstarter has made it easier to put together your own personalized rewards package. You can catch up with any missed issues from our other comic series HYPER-ACTION & THE RESISTANTS. We also have a Sophia Saturn T-shirt, exclusive to this campaign featuring a full color graphic by artists Ben Herrera & Ross A. Campbell, available in Kids, Men’s and Women’s sizes. Plus we have the exclusive Herrera Black & White Variant to issue #1 limited to only 25 copies. The add-ons can be done at any time by managing your order or during the check-out process.

Sophia Saturn is a teen space adventure comic series written by K.J. Kaminski (THE RESISTANTS, HYPER-ACTION) with art by Ben Herrera (X-Men, HYPER-ACTION), & colors by Ross A. Campbell (Wayward, THE RESISTANTS).  “Sophia’s Grand Plan Has A Wormhole In It.”

Thank you so much for your time and support that allows us to make these awesome comics.
-K.J. Kaminski