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Baltimore Comic Con, October 28th-30th!THE RESISTANTS: The Definitive Guidebook coming soon

Our last convention appearance of the year is coming up at the Baltimore Comic Con October 28th-30th. This is another great event with a strong emphasis on comics. If your in the area, I hope you can make it and don’t forget to stop by Artist’s Alley table #E4 and check out all the cool stuff. Though this is our last convention of the year, we are making plans for some store signings this year to be announced soon.

In spite of all of the setbacks and delays, we are so close. I’m combing the book over and over to make sure every page is perfect. Everyday I’m making it sharper, clearer, and better. I’m actually having a lot of fun rewriting the characters backstory, and making sure that every detail is the best it can be. I’m in the home stretch and will be sending it off to the printer very soon. Thank you to all the backers who have been patiently waiting these last few months. The wait is almost over and you’ll have the books soon enough. I am so proud of this project and am so excited to finally share it. After all rewards are delivered, we will make a limited amount available through our website for those who may have missed out on the campaign. I’ll post more updates here, through social media, and the campaign page.

I hope you enjoy this sneak peek of some colored art that we weren’t able to show off during the campaign. Melee by Ray Anthony Height (Spider-Man, Midnight Tiger), Wartoy by Jason Krause (THE RESISTANTS), and Kona by Gus Vazquez (Big Hero Six, The Flash), with all colors by Ross A. Campbell (Wildstorm).

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