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Long Beach Comic Con This Weekend!

We have 3 convention appearances in the next 3 weeks, starting with the Long Beach Comic Con this weekend! THE RESISTANTS: The Definitive Guidebook is almost finished and going to the printer soon. I’m pushing to still get the books out by the end of this month. But I don’t know if that will happen.

I’m still putting the finishing touches on the book before sending them off to the printer. I don’t like to give excuses, but after getting sick and my data loss, it put me back farther than I hoped and was a lot more work than I anticipated. The book is about 95% done and I’ll be sending it off to the printer soon enough. Since we are using a printer here in the states, it will only take a couple weeks to get them back. I’m doing everything I can to get them out this month as planned, so backers can have them in their hands on time. I’ll post more updates here, through social media, and the campaign page.

We have 3 convention appearances this month, starting with the Long Beach Comic Con this weekend September 3rd-4th. Then it’s on to Portland Oregon for the Rose City Comic Con September 9th-11th. And finally the Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con September 16th-18th. It’s so great to be returning to these shows after the two year hiatus. If you’re in the area, I hope you can come by and check out all the cool stuff.

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