CODEBREAKERS: Artist Spotlight #1


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Presenting the original line-work of Jason Howard (Super Dinosaur, Trees) in stunning black & white as it was originally intended. This special editon features 2 stories set in THE RESISTANTS‘ world, plus pin-ups and more bonus material.

Story 1 Codebreakers:
Hunters and Mercs have an unwritten code of honor between themselves. When someone breaks that code, they become a target and fair game. When Chun is hired to bring down fellow Hunter Kona, the question becomes; which one is the Codebreaker? Originally printed in color in HYPER-ACTION #1.
Story 2 Declan:
Declan’s relationship with THE RESISTANTS’ leader, Interval, has always been complicated. He never joined her cause, but has been deemed guilty-by-association anyway. Can he shake the Hunters chasing him, and clear the bounty on his head? Originally printed in color in THE RESISTANTS: The Broadcast Offensive #3.


The first in a series of art books featuring our greatest artists’ line work with Big Blue comics’ most awesome characters. Codebreakers: Artist Spotlights featuring Jason Howard contains: Codebreakers #1 written by Josh Dahl (Rapid City: Below Zero) with art by Jason Howard (Trees, Super Dinosaur). THE RESISTANTS: Declan #0 written by K.J. Kaminski (THE RESISTANTS) with pencils by Jason Krause(THE RESISTANTS) & inks by Jason Howard (Astounding Wolfman). Also included are exclusive pin-ups and bonus material.

Limited Edition Print Run of 50 copies total

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