The high-action sci-fi anthology series continues with two more tales featuring the individual members of THE RESISTANTS and the bounty hunters and mercenaries that inhabit their world.
Story1 THE RESISTANTS’ Interval:
Before leading THE RESISTANTS, the alien refugee Interval arrived on earth with a narrow skill set and no resources. A special-ops soldier by training, being a bounty hunter seemed like a perfect profession. But a hunter’s life has no room for compassion or empathy. On one of her earliest contracts, Interval’s mercy was put to a test, and she was forced to make a difficult choice. Will Interval compromise her character to get the job done, or will she walk away to take up a whole new kind of fight?
Story 2 Polyzena The Hunter:
Polyzena has been snapping up some of the toughest bounties out there, but sometimes she bites off a little more than she can chew. After being left-for-dead in the drylands by her last crew, Polyzena has carefully curated her newest Merc Pac. Their latest job is to collect the bounty on a criminal Takeo Corporate-State executive. The executive has hired a highly formidable security detail, but their allegiance is questionable. Can Polyzena and her team pry the target away from these bad actors before they turn the tables?
The third issue of the double-feature flip-book anthology series. HYPER-ACTION #3 contains a story featuring THE RESISTANTS’ leader Interval and the flip side brings back Polyzena: The Hunter in her second story in the series. This 32-page full-color comic book is written by co-creator K.J. Kaminski (Kestrel, Sophia Saturn) with art by Drew E. Johnson (Wonder Woman, Godzilla) & Ben Herrera (X-Men, Obey Me) and colors by Ross A. Campbell (The Wildstorm) & Tèo Gonzalez (Aspen). Also includes exclusive pin-ups and bonus material.