THE RESISTANTS: Kestrel #1 (Gus Vazquez Variant)





Corporate weapons designer, Erin Hawthorne, uses her position of privilege to fight for those no one else will fight for. As the burgeoning hero Kestrel, she aids THE RESISTANTS in their battle to bring the power back to the people. See the first time she met the uncompromising strike force and what led her to join their cause.


This exciting one-shot is written by K.J. Kaminski (THE RESISTANTS, Sophia Saturn) with artwork by Jason Johnson (THE RESISTANTS, Spectrum) & colors by Tèo Gonzalez (Aspen, HYPER-ACTION). The print version includes exclusive pin-ups and bonus material.

Limited Edition Variant Cover by Gus Vazquez (Suicide Squad) and Tèo Gonzalez.

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