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New THE RESISTANTS project and convention appearances in 2022!

Although things have started out a little shaky for 2022, we are moving forward with the hope we will return to some type of normalcy soon enough. I’m booking convention appearances, planning our next Kickstarter, and working on more of THE RESISTANTS story. Regardless of what happens, no one can stop us from making more awesome comics.

If you’ve been following the stories in THE RESISTANTS & HYPER-ACTION, you know we’ve been introducing a lot of Bounty Hunters. After the events of The Broadcast Offensive story-arc, the characters from both books will collide in THE RESISTANTS: The Bounty Hunter Blitz. Before that, we are going to release THE RESISTANTS: Definitive Guidebook, a Who’s Who Official Handbook for the characters of the HYPER-ACTION WORLD. “You can’t follow the game if you don’t know the players.” We’ve been teasing this book for awhile and it’s nice to finally be able to share it.

I wanted to add a few fun and special items with this campaign. So in addition to the Definitive Guidebook, we’ll also have available: a trading card set, an exclusive THE RESISTANTS team T-shirt, and stretch-goal sticker packs! We’ll also have a limited amount of issues signed by multiple creators from the Big Blue Comics Vault. All this and an exclusive Variant Edition of Polyzena #1 from HYPER-ACTION. With all the extras, it feels like I’m wrapping up this first phase of Big Blue Comics with this upcoming campaign. Look for it to launch March 22nd on Kickstarter and a preview page coming next month with more info.

Though our schedule for 2022 is filling in with dates for conventions, it seems like everything should be considered tentative at this point. Two conventions that I had booked this year were already cancelled in January and February. So it’s best to follow us on social media @bigbluecomics on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, for up to the minute details on our convention appearances. In April we plan to return to Planet City Comic Con in Kansas City, MO the 22nd-24th.

Though the focus seems to be on THE RESISTANTS right now, don’t forget about Sophia Saturn and the recent completion of the first story-arc. “Sophia’s grand plan has a wormhole in it!” There are some big things to talk about with Sophia and Big Blue Comics in the future. But for now, you can get all 5-issues of the first mini-series at while supplies last.

We’ve been publishing for the last few years, building towards taking that next step. It’s so great working on new projects and plans that will allow that to happen. I hope you’ll stick with us for this next phase. Big Blue Comics 2.0 is coming soon!