HYPER-ACTION #1-3 Comic Set



This double-feature flip-book anthology series features stories about the individual members of THE RESISTANTS and the bounty hunters and mercenaries that inhabit their world. Two high-action science-fiction one-and-done tales in each issue starring Interval, Fulcrum, Melee, Kona, Chun, and introducing Polyzena: The Hunter

In the 22nd century, corporate-states and individual republics rule over most of the former American Southwest. Mercenaries and bounty hunters police the ungoverned areas known as the Drylands and marketplaces. Action is behind every corner in the struggle to navigate this dangerous hyper-world.

All three issues of the Double-Feature Flip-Book anthology featuring stories written by K.J. Kaminski (THE RESISTANTS) & Josh Dahl (Rapid City Below Zero) with artwork by Drew E. Johnson (Wonder Woman, Godzilla), Jason Howard (Trees, Super Dinosaur), Jason Johnson (Gen 13, Spectrum), Ben Herrera (X-Men) & Livesay (Deadpool/Spider-Man) and colors by Ross A. Campbell (Pathfinder, Wayward) & Tèo Gonzalez (Aspen). Includes exclusive pin-ups and bonus material in each issue.